Wednesday, July 11, 2018

There Might Be Lobsters by Carolyn Crimi and Laurel Molk

- Sukie Understands To Always Prepare For A Disaster! - 

What if? 

Eleanor and her dog Sukie are at the beach. However, Sukie isn't too sure about being there since the beach holds some scary things like lobsters. And if Sukie doesn't see a lobster, there's still plenty of things to imagine. Even coming down the three steps to the beach itself is a challenge: the stairs are big and sandy, she might hurt a foot, she could possibly tumble head first down the stairs and need stitches. Nope! Better to stay at the top of the stairs with Chunka Munka, her stuffed toy monkey. Eleanor gives in and carries Sukie and her favorite toy down the stairs to the beach.

She is hopeful they can play with a beach ball, but Sukie has other thoughts. She is a small dog and the ball is way too big and beachy. It might hit her nose and pop or knock her down. And everyone knows beach balls attract lobsters! Nope. Best to sit on the beach with Chunka Munka. Far away from the big, and possibly dangerous, beach ball.

Again Eleanor swoops up the two and heads toward the edge of the ocean. She tries without success to lure Sukie into the water. But Sukie is sure the water has large waves, is salty and very wet. Plus, there is a definite possibility that she might be swallowed by a whale. Or worse, there might be lobsters in the ocean. Nope! Best to sit on the beach with Chunka Munka by her side. The two sit on the beach enjoying the sights while Eleanor floats on an inner tube in the ocean. 

But wait! Is that Chunka Munka floating out to sea! What's a concerned dog to do now?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This is a cute book about anxiety, friendship, overcoming fear, and empowerment. The soft watercolor, acrylic, and pen and ink illustrations complement this sweet, story beautifully.

I have to admit that his book made me smile. I'm afraid I understand Sukie a little too well. I will probably continue to pack Band-Aids in my swim bag, but I'll  make an effort to leave the binoculars at home and not anticipate the worst!

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Author: Carolyn Crimi
Illustrator: Laurel Molk
Publisher: Candlewick (May 2017)

  • Approx. Word Count: 503
  • Ages: 3 - 7
  • Pages: 32

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