Friday, July 6, 2018

What in the World is Wrong with Gisbert? by Jochen Weeber

Isn't A Giraffe Supposed To Be Taller?

Gisbert, a rather tall giraffe is happy and enjoying life. He watches TV by peeking through a window in a high building, he's a bridge for his friends to walk across, and he naps as his head rests high in leafy treetops. He has a worry-free life.

Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us a curve, and Gisbert's life begins to change when his classmates whisper behind his back and tease him about several things including his spots and his height. Each time that happens he feels like he is shrinking a little bit. 

His parents sense something isn't quite right with Gisbert, but he isn't ready to share with them quite yet. However, his school experience is making him feel so small and bad that he begins to stay home from school.

When his classmates leave him a note saying they miss him, it's just enough to give him the courage to share what's been bothering him with his family. They listen then both give him some good counsel; they tell him that it's okay to let his friends know that their words make him sad. 

With his parents' encouragement, he returns to school. But will his friends listen to how he's been feeling?

What Concerned Me: The writing felt like it didn't quite flow in places, perhaps that is due to the fact that it was first published in Germany.

What I Liked Most: This is a very good book to use one-on-one or in a classroom. It never hurts (old or young) for us to have it brought to our attention that our words can be very hurtful. 

The illustrations are all cute, especially of Gisbert. 

Author: Jochen Weeber

Illustrator: Fariba Gholizadeh
Publisher: Flyaway Books (July 2018)

  • Ages: 3 - 8
  • Pages 32
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