Monday, July 9, 2018

Rabbit and Possum Crafts, Recipes. . . And More

Coordinates With The Book Review

Rabbit and Possum by Dana Wulfekotte

Crafts, Recipes, and Information : 

  • This Rabbit Recipe is from  The cupcakes look so cute and there are easy-to-follow pictures and instructions given.
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  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed as it pertains to the book Rabbit and Possum. Use this video to get some ideas for classroom or individual talks. As I mentioned in the earlier book review, Possum seemed almost defeated and paralyzed regarding his situation, while Rabbit was all about finding a solution. Though it took several different attempts by Rabbit to achieve the desired goal, Rabbit never quit trying or thinking of various ways to solve the problem.

  •  Possum Facts: How well do you know North America's only marsupial? Play the possum edition of “Fact or Fake” with Wildlife Expert David Mizejewski. 

Would You Agree That Possums Are Awesome?

  • A wonderful way to promote reading is to create a fun Rabbit Bookmark

  • Here is a No Sew Sock Rabbit that kids are sure to love. You will need: 

    • sock (s)
    • rice
    • twine
    • scissors
    • ribbon
    • black permanent marker
    • Lg tape roll to guide rice into the sock (optional)

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