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The Forever Garden by Samantha Cotterill

- The Magic Of A Garden And Friendship -

According to the Author's Note at the beginning of the book, "The Forever Garden is based very loosely on a Talmudic story."

Every day, rain or shine, Honey works in her beautiful garden. The little girl who lives next door, Laurel, seems to be fascinated by watching her neighbor work and enjoy the lettuce, peas, beets and more that she is growing. Laurel even notices that Honey sings to the kale. 

As Laurel hangs on the fence each morning, Honey gives her tiny carrots and yellow tomatoes the size of marbles. Honey loves working in her garden. Some evenings Honey eats in her garden and the little girl goes over for a cookie and to spend a few minutes with her neighbor. 

But one day a sign appears in Honey's yard: FOR SALE! The little girl's special neighbor will be leaving to care for her mother, who is sick. When Laurel asks who will take care of the garden, she is told that the garden isn't really Honey's but that it belongs to everyone. Honey's new strawberry plants will bloom for another family, just as she’s enjoyed the grapes planted by an earlier gardener. 
"The new folks will enjoy these strawberries, the way I enjoyed the grapes. And if they add something, the garden will keep going . . . maybe forever."
The next day Laurel asks her neighbor if she can plant an apple tree in the yard. Together they dig a hole to plant the tree and the girl makes a sign so people will know that the tree is Honey and Laurel's tree.

Soon Honey moves and a new family with lots of children move in. But what's to become of Honey's special garden?

The digitally colored pen-and-ink illustrations add to the soft, gentle story.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This is a sweet book about gardening, friendship, and creating memories. The nature of the illustrations and story make it a perfect book to wind down with at bedtime. 
Author: Laurel Snyder
Illustrator: Samantha Cotterill
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade (May 2017)

  • Approx. Word Count: 624
  • Pages: 40
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