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Lies by T.M. Logan

When You Think Things Can't Get Worse . . . Think Again!

#NetGalley #Lies     Available  (St. Martins Press) September 11, 2018

Joe Lynch and his 4-year-old son, William, are heading home when William spots his mom's car. He begs his dad to follow her into the parking garage of the Premier Inn so they can surprise her. Joe follows her thinking she is most likely meeting a client. By the time they get parked his wife Melissa is already inside. So Joe and his son head in to see if they can't locate her and say hi.

But what they find is a total surprise. Melissa and her best friend's husband Ben Delaney, a self-made techy millionaire, are arguing at a table. After watching a few minutes, Joe takes his son back to their car in the garage area and they wait. Finally, his wife rushes out and quickly leaves before he can wave her down. Ben isn't in such a rush. Joe is able to stop him and try to ask some questions. But Ben denies having seen Melissa and isn't in a good mood. A scuffle takes place and when Joe, who is much larger than Ben, gives him a shove. Ben falls, striking his head on the concrete floor and losing consciousness, blood trickling from his ear. For all the world it looks as though he might be dead. Joe is shocked since he was just defending himself with the shove and Ben had tripped over his own briefcase as he fell. William begins having an asthma attack so Joe is torn, take care of Ben, or rush home for an inhaler and then quickly return to Ben. Of course, his son's welfare wins out.

Now the mystery really begins, when Joe returns Ben and his car aren't in the garage. Joe also realizes he's missing his cell phone and wristband. He can't locate either.

Later, that night he carefully asks a few questions to his wife. Eventually, she admits that she and Ben met but it was totally business-related, giving the exact topic they were discussing. Joe is totally relieved and even sorry that he suspected anything. But now that certain thoughts have entered his mind, will they be dispelled that easily?

In time Ben's wife reports her husband missing. By now Joe has shared what happened in the garage with his wife. She encourages him to tell the police only half-truths to protect himself. Not agreeing at first, he finally listens to her counsel. So when he is questioned by the police, he gives the story Melissa rehearsed with him. But will she give that same story to the police?

What Concerned Me:
I didn't get things done around the house because I couldn't put the book down. Then again, who needs a clean house when you're reading a good book?

In all honesty, the ending felt slightly off, but not enough to cause much concern.

What I Liked Most:
This book grabbed my attention from the get-go. There is a very small cast of characters, but they are well developed and believable. The twists and turns are around every corner and kept me guessing until the end.

I will be watching for this British author's next book.

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Author: T.M. Logan
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (September 2018)

  • Pages: 432 (hardcover)
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  • About the Author: (from Amazon)
"Bestselling author TM Logan was a national newspaper journalist before turning to novel-writing full time. His debut thriller LIES (2017) was one of Amazon UK's biggest ebooks of 2017, selling 330,000 copies and gathering more than 1,300 5-star reviews so far. It is now being published in ten other countries worldwide. His next thriller, 29 SECONDS, will be published in the USA in summer 2019. Tim lives in Nottinghamshire, UK, with his wife and two children."

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