Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Ghost Story With A Touch Of Humor

Sir Simon: Super Scarer

- by Kale Atkinson

#SirSimonSuperScarer #NetGalley  Available: September 4, 2018

Simon is a full-fledged ghost with a job. He is a professional super scarer that has been assigned his first house to haunt. A job he is sure will be easy peasy since older people are moving into the house, people who sleep most of the day which will leave him lots of free time. Time to cross stitch, learn French, and maybe even write a book.

But all too soon he meets Chester, the boy who moved in with them. Oh, no! That means Simon will have to spend lots of time doing ghost chores since kids are the pits to deal with. Or . . . maybe Simon can teach the boy to do the ghost chores for him! That would be so much better than what is currently happening: the boy is curious and just wants to question Simon about everything. But will it be that easy or will Chester have ideas of his own?

This is a story about a very unlikely friendship between a ghost and a boy. 

What Concerned Me: I guess I'm always concerned about things that might upset young children. If you have an anxious child, I would not recommend reading this book and having to explain what a ghost is.

What I Liked Most: This is a creative story of friendship with a lesson that sometimes it's not easy to fill the other guy's shoes.

Author: Cale Atkinson
Publisher: Tundra Books (September 4, 2018)

4 Stars

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