Friday, August 17, 2018

Rosie's Glasses by Dave Whamond - Review

A Wordless Picture Book That Speaks Volumes

What Type Of World Do You Live In?

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Rosie wakes up in a gray world with a cloud over her head in this wordless picture book. She gets ready for school (her room is a mess and she looks sad), eats breakfast (parents seem unhappy, too), walks to school (everyone, even the dog in the picture is sad), is bored with class (classmates look uninterested as well the teacher) and her life continues to have a dark cloud following her in the black, gray, and white illustrations as she heads home. 

But when a bright yellow butterfly leads her to a bridge where she sees some red glasses, things abruptly change. (So far the illustrations are monochrome with the exception of the butterfly and the glasses.) When Rosie picks the glasses up and puts them on, the world changes to bright colors! But not only are things in color, but people look happy.

When Rosie gets home, still wearing her glasses, her dog greets her with excitement, the pictures on her bedroom wall are smiling rather than looking sober. On the way to school she sees that people on the sidewalk are smiling, even the teacher and classmates are having fun. Rosie is seeing happiness through her red glasses.

But, an unfortunate thing happens: when she leans over the bridge where she first found the red glasses, they fall off.

Will she revert to a grey world of unhappiness? What will become of the glasses?

What Concerned Me: Though the publisher recommends the book for ages 3 - 7, I wonder if older, rather than younger kids will be able to discuss the meaning and gain more from the book. I would guess it depends on the maturity of the child.

Though I loved the idea of the illustrations, monochrome to color, they were very busy and felt a little off for children.

What I Loved Most: I love the ability to have discussions about what the illustrations mean to various individuals. I see it as a wonderful classroom book to share, as well as one-on-one. This wordless story says plenty.

It's an awesome book, and I think it's one that will grow on you the more you think about it.

Author/Illustrator: Dave Whamond
Publisher: Kids Can Press

5 Stars

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