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Can You Choose Three Positive Adjectives To Describe Yourself?

One Of A Kind

 -by Chris Gorman -

The boy who narrates this story starts by announcing

"I'm a kid who's always been a little different."

The illustration shows a boy in jeans, sneakers, and a sleeveless T-shirt.  The narrator then wonders if he's different because of the way he dresses. The accompanying picture is of him wearing a tight leather jacket. 

Most of the illustrations are black and white with the text's background in pink and yellow.

As the boy continues talking about what makes him different, he wonders if it might be his music (we see him sitting in front of two large speakers), his dance, or even how he expresses himself (we see his profile which shows a faux hawk haircut).

The boy shares that something is missing since he feels lonely at times, which can be frustrating. 

But we learn that it only takes finding one kid . . . or even two or three people to join him, who are different as well, to brighten his day. We then see the one-of-a-kind boy happy and playing in a band with his friends who happen to share his uniqueness.

What Concerned Me: Though I really wanted to like this book, I found myself thinking that this boy's unique personality, one of a punk rocker, seemed extremely stereotyped. His loneliness is quickly solved by having three people who share like interests show up in the illustration. He didn't have to attempt to fit in with those unlike himself or be totally happy with himself, but just continue to be himself with like personalities.  

I felt torn between liking parts of the book but not feeling comfortable with all of it.

What I Liked Most: The story opens discussions about uniqueness and how we can celebrate our own individuality.

Author/Illustrator: Chris Gorman

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books (May 2018)

3 Stars

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