Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan

- SOMEONE Has An Idea -

The protagonist is a cute little girl with dark curly hair gathered on each side of her head. As Dad is in a chair reading with a hot drink on the table next to him, our young protagonist says,
"We need to talk about the big bed."
This precocious little one has thoroughly thought things through. She asks her dad to follow her, but on the way, she informs him that she doesn't want to hurt any body's feelings and that she is a completely reasonable person.

She instructs Dad to have a seat on a child-size chair as she begins her spiel. Her little presentation is complete with an easel and illustrations to make her points. You see, this clever little girl has a sales pitch that she's sure will convince her dad that there is no way she will be sleeping alone in her bed. Nope, she will be sharing the big bed with her mom. 
"I presented this idea to Mommy earlier and she laughed and laughed, which I took as two thumbs up."
So, grab a front row seat for this presentation by a sweet, curly-haired girl. Will Dad be tricked into thinking if he sleeps on a metal-and canvas cot that he'll feel like an honorary park ranger and look like one, too?

The pictures by Tom Knight are just right for this humorous story. 

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most:  I'm sure many readers have someone this little girl reminds them of, too. I loved the illustrations, the well thought out plan that is being presented to Dad, and the humor that is woven throughout. 

It should be a fun read for both kids and parents. However, if you're a parent who needs a takeaway message from a book, I would first say I think some books are fine to read just for a smile or laugh, but this book does have a message. This manipulative little girl with a plan wasn't just whining to get her way, but she had taken the time to present her ideas.

 We all realize that not all presented plans work out as we might hope, but that can also be a lesson learned. And usually, but not always, there can be some negotiating and compromising.  

Author: Bunmi Laditan
Illustrator: Tom Knight

PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux  (February 2018)

  • Pages:  32


The Illustrations really worked for me!
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