Thursday, August 23, 2018

How Do Dinosaurs Learn To Read? by Jane Yolen

Who Wants To Volunteer To Teach Reading?

This is the newest book in the Yolen/Teague Dinosaur Series. In this twelfth book of dinosaurs and rhyming text, we have various illustrations of dinosaurs that are learning to read. With each type of dinosaur, there is small print (you may have to search a bit) of its name.

As with all of the dinosaur books in this series, the reader first learns what shouldn't happen, in this case when learning to read: throwing books, use a book as a shovel or bat, make the book a big boat and then throw a tantrum when it doesn't float, etc.

Nope, we learn dinosaurs don't throw hissy fits. They are kind to each book, they sound out words 'ill they get them right, and of course, at night they beg to read just one more book.

The last of the book contains a helpful guide for adults who want to work with young readers. It includes learning letter sounds, sounding out words, using pictures cues, and more.

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Loved Most: Without seeming to lecture, this book teaches how to handle books in such a way that kids won't even hardly realize they are learning. And for dinosaur lovers, it can teach quite a bit in the way of identifying dinosaurs.

Just the thing to make little ones ROAR with happiness

Dinosaur Knitwear Set

from: Kidorable

Author: Jane Yolen

Illustrator: Mark Teague

Publisher: The Blue Sky (June 2018)

4 Stars

Activities to Go With The Book

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