Sunday, August 26, 2018

Neck & Neck by Elise Parsley

Nothing Like A Little Competition To Spoil Your Day

This tall giraffe feels pretty important. In fact, life at the zoo is glorious for this guy. His fans love him, cheer for him, and feed him snacks. But one day Leopold, the giraffe hears
"I just love this guy!"
But when Leopold turns to see who is speaking, he gasps! He is face to face with what looks like a smiling, toothy, giraffe. And the child who has spoken is holding a high-flying balloon. The kid is sure that the balloon is far better than a real-life giraffe. So, of course, the competition begins.

The little boy giggles,
"This giraffe is so cheerful!"
Leopold counters,
"Well, sheesh. I can be cheerful too."
In time Leopold appears to lose this competition when the little boy declares that he doesn't have to keep feeding his giraffe. As Leopold sulks with his head in an acacia tree a wonderful, revengeful thought comes to him. He grabs a small branch of the tree and charges the fake giraffe. He will eliminate his competition and the boy will again be his fan. What a perfect plan. The crazy, seemingly perfect balloon-giraffe will be gone forever.


Unfortunately, Leopold's idea fails to work. The kid disappears, only to return with approximately a dozen balloon giraffes.

But the unexpected happens . . . the kid trips and loses his grip on the balloons. Leopold now has some serious decisions to make.

What Concerned Me: 

What I Liked Most: 
While at first glance this seems like a fun little story with cute illustrations, it really offers lots to talk about. There is the issue of being a little all-to-important, jealousy, and making a decision. A great book in so many ways.

Author/Illustrator: Elise Parsley
 Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (June 2018)


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