Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds

What Did You Say Jerome Collects? 

Collectors collect things like stamps, coins, art, comic books, and baseball cards. But what does Jerome collect? Words! When he hears a new word it catches his attention and he writes it down. They can be short words, sweet words, sad words, and even two-syllable words. In other words, any word that is interesting to him.

Eventually, he starts filling scrapbooks with words he’s written on yellow papers. He even organizes his words into categories. But one day, Jerome slips and his words fly out of his scrapbooks. What a mess. The words are hopelessly mixed up.
“Big words next to little words. Sad words next to dreamy words.” 

He is left with being completely deflated and depressed or coming up with a new idea?

What Concerned Me:  Nothing

What I Liked Most:  I’m sure most kids will look at words with new respect and delight after hearing this story. And hopefully, the book will inspire young writers to find their words and use them to make their own unique creations. 

Once again Reynolds has created a book that promotes something of importance in an interesting way.

Author/Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Published by: Orchard Books, 2018


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Approx. Words: 310
Ages: 4 - 8
Pages: 40
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