Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! by Carmen Agra Deedy

 - This Book Promotes Lots Of Thinking and Talking -

There once was a village that was hustling and bustling with every kind of noise: dogs, engines, fountains making bubbly sounds, and lots of singing. In other words, all sorts of noise! So much, in fact, that the people couldn’t hear, sleep, or even think! So what do you do? They fired the mayor since someone had to be blamed for the noise.

The village then hired Don Pepe to be mayor since he promised peace and quiet. Little by little the village changed. The first rule: there was to be no LOUD singing in public. Then later, no LOUD singing at home. And so it went, rule after until there was no noise at all allowed. Even the teakettle was too afraid to whistle.

After seven long years, a rooster wandered into the village. (And we all know what roosters do!) But will the rooster live to tell the tale if he does make noise?

My Thoughts:

What Concerned Me:
Nothing / But I would suggest that this is a book best suited for older children, maybe 6 - 9.

What I Liked Most:
Room for lots and lots of discussions after reading this little book. I highly recommend it for that very reason.

Below are thoughts/questions that immediately came to mind after reading this story:
  1. We have a rooster that is not afraid to stand for what he believes even if it means breaking the law. Is that okay?
  2. When is it okay to break the law or is it always better to vote the mayor out and change the law?
  3. Wasn't the new mayor enforcing the law the people wanted?
  4. Village people thought they wanted one thing, then decided it might not be what they really wanted, but no one would stand up to the mayor or suggest a change to current policy. Why?
  5. It’s hard to complain about what you’re not willing to attempt to change, isn't it?
  6. When the mayor threatens to make soup of the rooster, the crowd finally joins in with the rooster. "But a song is louder than one noisy little rooster and stronger than one bully of a mayor," said the gallito." As the town joins together with noise/song the mayor flees. But was he really a bully? Did the town handle the matter correctly?
  7. Last (and there are many more things that can be discussed), it seems that the chaos and various noises might represent very different ideas, thoughts and types of people - - the noise of life, but being without the noise seems a bad alternative.
I've never added questions for a picture book review, but this book review screamed for me to add them. (Plus, I had to for my own mental health since I'm sure I interpreted the content different from many reviewers.)

The illustrations are bright and perfect for this type of book. However, the mayor is depicted as an evil villain, which I thought was fun, but after finishing the book I had to wonder why he looked the part of a villain?

Author: Carmen Agra Deedy
Photography: Eugene Yelchin
Publisher:  Scholastic Press (January 2017)  

5 Stars
  • Approx. Words: 813
  • Ages: 4 - 8
  • Pages: 48

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