Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Windows by Julia Denos

- What A Walk On A Beautiful Evening Might Be Like -

This is a simple book that has very little text since the pictures do the talking. Before the town goes to sleep a boy, looks out his window and decides to take his dog for a walk. He puts on a red jacket and begins his walk. As he and the dog proceed he notices the lights from windows blinking on around the city. He sees a cat and a raccoon.

The story is told in second-person narrative, which is a little different since it uses “you.”

“At the end of the day, before the town goes to sleep, you can look out your window . . . and see more little windows lit up like eyes in the dusk, blinking awake as the lights turn on inside: a neighborhood of paper lanterns.”
As the story progresses, due to the second-person narrative, the text states what you might see. You might see tall windows with curtains drawn or small ones with a party inside. Someone might be learning to dance. Or maybe another window will be dark. Then when you arrive home you look at your window from the outside. You see someone you love waving at you.

This is a slow glimpse of what it might look like on an evening walk.

My Thoughts


What Concerned Me: I think this is a book you’ll either love or it won’t quite work for you.

What I Liked Most:  A gentle story of awareness regarding simple things in life.

Author: Julia Denos
Illustrations: E.B. Goodale
Publisher:   Candlewick (October 2017) 

  • Approx. Words: 182
  • Ages: 3 - 7
  • Pages: 40

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