Sunday, August 26, 2018

Stretch To New Heights With These Giraffe Fact and Activities

Activities And Facts That Coordinate With The Book:

- Neck & Neck by Elise Parsley -

Giraffes and Me

I  have to admit that giraffes have found a special place in my heart. Why you ask? Well, several years ago I realized that many people had various types of collections such as Coke products, Cabbage Patch Kids, Boyds Bears, thimbles, and stamps.  Okay, so some of those might have dated me. (Do they even collect those things now?) Anyway, I was beginning to think I must be missing out on something, so I asked my daughter if she had an idea of something fun to collect. Giraffes were top on her list.

"Nope," I quickly answered. "I have no interest in collecting those."

But is that where the conversation ended? I don't think so. (If you have children, you probably wonder why I expected a child to hear what I said.) 

For birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day and anything else that might come to mind. I have received...drum roll...giraffes! 

And let me tell you, I have truly grown to love these little cuties. Here are just a few that have won my heart. Sigh...thank you, dear daughter, for not listening to what I said earlier.

Now, On To Fun Giraffe Activities and Interesting Facts

Play-Dou Giraffe

Paper Giraffe

Giraffe Mask

Giraffe Corner Bookmark

Craft Paper Giraffe

by Craft Factory

Facts For Kids:

  • Click For Cool Kid Facts about where giraffes live, how they eat and drink, and even funny facts.
  • Need a smile? Click to watch a Baby Giraffe take its first steps.
  • Giraffe Facts by National Geographic - here
  • Here is a great video to share with Classrooms.

Other Very Good Giraffe Books

    If you are looking for another giraffe book try Giraffe Meets Bird by Rebecca Bender. 

    Or a very good one is What in the World is Wrong with Gisbert? by Jochen Weeber, which has activities to accompany it. 

    Affordable Giraffes For All Ages


    Jennifer Mitchell said...

    Giraffes are a great thing to collect ❤️

    Debbie Shakespeare Smith said...

    I certainly agree!