Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Bad, Bad, Thing by Elena Forbes

The First Book In A New Series Featuring Detective Eve West

#NetGalley #ABadBadThing Available December 1, 2018

Detective Eve West is suspended from duties after it appears her recklessness has caused her colleague's death. Soon afterward, a killer who she put in prison years ago contacts her with information about her suspension. He claims Eve was set up and he has proof. But before he gives her the information, he wants her to investigate a fellow inmate who claims he is innocent of murdering a stable-girl.

But why is a criminal interested in proving that a fellow inmate is innocent? And why has he chosen Eve to look into the case?

Though both join forces rather reluctantly at first, Eve begins working with a journalist, Dan Cooper of 4Justice, to begin searching for new details regarding the case.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: After a few chapters, the story captured my interest, but it wasn't a book that caught my interest from the start. 

I also felt the death and investigation of Jane McNeil didn't feel quite believable. Plus the "secret" that accompanied Eve was a bit unnecessary since it didn't really add to an already complex story. 

Though I could sense how it might end (and even hoped for that ending), I wish there would have been a bit more development regarding Eve and the other character. (I don't want to give the story away.) 

What I Liked Most: The main character, Eve, felt believable and strong. The story was well thought out and will appeal to many, plus I like the fact that this is going to develop into a very interesting series. I will be anxious to read the next Eve West novel.


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Author: Elena Forbes
Publisher: Severn House (December 1, 2018)

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