Thursday, September 20, 2018

Clay: 5 Step Handicrafts For Kids by Anna Llimós

Fun And Easy Creations With Clay

#NetGalley  #Clay   Available November 28, 2018

These cute clay creations will most likely need supervision, depending on the age of the child, but the crafts are so adorable that I don't think it will be that hard to interest most adults. The instructions are numbered, have pictures to accompany each step, and each step usually has three sentences or less (so they aren't complicated).

The materials needed are at the beginning of each project. There will be the initial expense of purchasing several different-colored air-dry clays (clay that doesn't need to be fired in a kiln), or if you don't want to purchase colored clays, you will need to use paint. The projects are rated on the last page according to difficulty.
e projects I like most:

Pear Box
The book is very short, 32 pages, but the projects are extremely cute and instructions only 5 steps.
I've added my comment to some of the clay projects:

Fish Tray
Igloo and Eskimo
String Doll (very cute!)
House Pendant
Paper Holder
Flower Vase
Paperweight (very cute!)
Cat (cute!)
Cow (very cute!)

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing.

What I Liked Most:  Though these adorable projects are meant for children, adults will love them too.

Author: Anna Llimós
Publisher: Schiffer (November 2018)

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