Thursday, September 6, 2018

Goodnight Anne by Kallie George

The Lovable Redhead, Anne of Green Gables, Is Introduced To Young Children

Typical of our favorite little chatterbox, Anne Shirley can't go to sleep until she says goodnight to everyone and thing she loves. The reader then gets a quick introduction to the important characters and things in Anne's life. She begins by saying goodnight and thanking Matthew, who is shy and sweet, for the special dress with puffed sleeves. 

 Each goodnight has reference to something in the novel and/or the character's traits. As an example, Gilbert is told goodnight but chastised for calling her Carrots. She goes through many of the characters including Diana her best friends, Miss Stacy her teacher, Mrs. Lynde the nosy neighbor, Bonny the geranium growing on the sill, and of course Matthew, Marilla, and Gilbert. Anne's sense of adventure and love is captured beautifully as she begins saying goodnight to things in the area where she lives.  

When Marilla reminds Anne again that it's time to go to sleep, Anne says goodnight to Marilla with a reference to Marilla being sensible and strict, but it is made with love.

The illustrations are soft and flow beautifully with the text.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: For those not familiar with Anne of Green Gables, the story might not have quite the same meaning.

What I Liked Most: This is a sweet story that brings back memories of many of the characters. The artwork, rendered in pastels and colored pencils, is a wonderful asset to the text.

Hopefully, this touching book will draw young readers to explore the classic story that has meant so much to many around the world.

Author: Kallie George
Illustrator: Genevieve Godbout
Publisher: Tundra Books (Sept. 2018)
Ages: 3 - 7

Pages:  40


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