Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mermaid School by Joanne Stewart Wetzel

Welcome To An Underwater First Day Of School

The first day of school for mermaids will remind you of our schools. Our little red-headed mermaid brushes her hair, goes to school, makes new friends, put her things into an undersea cubby, strings shells into necklaces and hair decorations during art, memorizes the alphabet by singing the A-B-Seas, and more.

The story, told in rhyme, is accompanied by soft, underwater artwork.
"There's clamburgers for lunch today, / Along with seaweed pie. / And frozen salt pops for dessert! / There's nothing I don't try."
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Before she knows it, our little red-headed mermaid realizes the first day of school is drawing to a close.
"I can't believe it's time to go. / How can the day be done? / The hours here have just flown by, / 'Cause Mermaid School is fun!"
The last page contains a fun Mermaid School Handbook that greatly adds to the fun of the book.
Below is an example:
"New Students: If you meet a new mermaid swimming by, ask her name and tell her yours. It's a great way to make friends."

My Thoughts:

What Concerned Me: This is a very personal concern, but I'm not a fan of rhyming text.

What I Liked Most: I think this is a fun book for several reasons. Those a bit concerned about the first day of school should be comforted through learning by osmosis. They might not even realize that underwater school is helping them relax and enjoy the thoughts of a new experience.  

Secondly, the story is fun because it does add bits of humor here and there that many will enjoy.

Illustrator: Julianna Swaney 
Publisher:  Knopf Books for Young Readers (July 2018)


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Approx. Word Count: 444
Ages: 3 - 7
Pages: 32
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