Saturday, September 22, 2018

ROBOT Facts, Activities, and Games That Kids Will Love

Activities That Coordinate With The Books

- Brobot Bedtime by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen - 


Rusty The Squeaky Robot by Neil Clark -

Fun Information:

Brief History of Robots by Natl Geographic (under two minutes, if you're not a fan of history)

SciShow Kids will tell what robots really are, and what they do for us every day.

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Robot Crafts

I've managed to round up some really cute crafts that have easy to follow instructions and aren't terribly expensive. Of course, if you want to be technical, these are just crafts, since they don't meet the definition of a robot. The first simple craft is by Paper Magic.


Build and Stack Robots by Kids Steam Lab

Toilet Paper Roll Robots by Glue Sticks & Gum Drops

Marshmallow Robots by Revel and Glitter

Cut and Easy Clay Robot by MrLano996

Tin Can Robots by PBS Crafts for Kids

Great Classroom Activities

These materials are designed to increase students' understanding about what makes a robot a robot, and how robots sense, think, and act. The classroom games are provided by ASIMO Honda (Home of the Most Advanced Humanoid Robot). 

If you aren't up-to-date on who they are, click on the link above. This site is incredible and eye-opening! 

Here is a YouTube regarding one of their robots! 

If You're Searching For A Kit

Here Are Some Of Amazon's Bestsellers 

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