Friday, September 7, 2018

Sleep, Sheep! by Kerry Sparrow

A Story That Should Appeal To Both Children And Adults

Duncan is pretty much okay with bedtime. The snacks, stories, putting on his favorite pajamas, and even brushing his teeth (if there is bubblegum-flavored toothpaste) is not a problem. The one and only problem? Going to sleep.

But this smart little boy is full of tricks to stall bedtime: he needs to go to the bathroom, he's thirsty, he needs a night light, etc. In fact, he's developed a stellar list of stalls. Only one problem with this smart little boy's well thought out plan. He has a smart mama.

To Duncan's dismay, when he sees that his room has been stocked with everything he might ask for or need: warmer pajamas, cooler pajamas, directions to the bathroom, night-light, water glass and jug of water for refills, etc., he realizes he has a problem. A big problem!

That night, after his favorite bedtime story and a hug and kiss from Mom, Duncan's left nearly speechless.
"But I need--"
 But Duncan couldn't think of anything, because everything he could possibly need was right there in his room.
Now what? Time for wailing! Duncan pleads that he's not sleepy. Mom suggests he try counting sheep as she closes his bedroom door.

With no other choices, Duncan settles under the covers, takes a deep breath and begins counting. To his surprise, a cute sheep with a green number one on his side jumps over the bed. Duncan rubs his eyes and says two. Another sheep, this time with a purple number and matching scarf, leaps over the bed. As he continues to count, sheep leap over him. Things appear to be working as his eyes slowly grow heavy. But when he reaches No. 68 the sheep refuses to jump over the bed.

What's that? No. 68 needs a drink of water? Now he needs to go to the bathroom? What? He might need running shoes to make the jump!

Will Duncan ever be able to sleep?

My Thoughts:

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This was fun on so many levels. I liked the fact that kids will be able to laugh at themselves and their own ploys to avoid bedtime. Little ones (and parents) will chuckle when they look at the illustrations of Duncan's bedroom stocked with everything he might ask for at bedtime. 

The cartoon-like artwork, rendered in pencil crayon and colored in Photoshop is perfect. The soft colored pictures add lots of detail and humor to the story.


Author: Kerry Sparrow
Illustrator: Guillaume Perreault
Publisher: Kids Can Press (October 2, 2018)

Approx. Word Count: 368
Ages: 3 - 7
Pages: 32

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