Sunday, September 9, 2018

Yawn! A Grumpy Cat Bedtime Story by Steve Foxe

One Cheerful, One Grumpy

Which One Are You?

As you might guess it's time for bed. The large-eyed, little cat models what should happen before bedtime 
"A glass of milk will make you sleepy, Grumpy Cat."
"This milk reminds me of my mood: sour."
With each happy suggestion by the little cat, Grumpy Cat has a sarcastic retort.
"Grumpy Cat, will you read me a bedtime story?"
"I read a story once. It was awful."

**spoiler alert. I usually don't give away the ending, even though these are picture books and most adults probably don't care. But below is the last of the book:
"Good night, Grumpy Cat."
"Good riddance."

My Thoughts: 

What Concerned Me:  First, I'm going to have to admit that I wasn't familiar with how famous Grumpy Cat is. There appears to be a real-life Grumpy Cat, though Tardar Sauce is her name. When I located her official Facebook page I noticed that seven of my friends had friended the page. Considering the likes are over 8 million, I guess that's not surprising. And this cat also has a TV show and now 3 picture books.

While I think learning about the real Grumpy Cat and following her is fun, the book was so negative and didn't get any better as it went along. That's why I included the ending. It felt like a downer and no purpose to the story. Now, I do realize that I'm certainly in the minority here, and maybe if I had a child who watched the TV show, I might better understand and see the humor in the story.

But I'm a bit concerned that kids are so impressionable they might copy Grumpy Cat's behavior.

Nope. I just didn't click with this book.

What I Liked Best: The illustrations are cute and I like that I learned something about the real Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce.

Author: Steve Foxe
Illustrator: Steph Laberis
Publisher: Golden Books (July 2018)

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Approx. Word Count: 155
Ages: 2 - 5
Pages: 24
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