Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young

 - Luck Is About To Come Lucy's Way . . . Or Is It? -

What luck! Lucy spots an ad in a comic that says,
"Unicorn. 25 cents."
 She can hardly wait as she hurries to slip her order in the mailbox. As she waits for her delivery she imagines a beautiful blue unicorn with a pink tail and mane. What better name than Sparkle to call this magnificent animal? She imagines riding on her new pet and even taking it to show-and-tell, where she is sure the whole class will fall in love with her unicorn.

Finally, the day arrives when a big truck pulls up drops off a large box with holes in it on the porch. She is delighted. She even has a cupcake to offer her new unicorn.
"Lucy opened the box carefully, gently. 'CHOMP!' The cupcake was gone."
And just as quickly Sparkle races out of the box and to the clothesline to pull down clothes, then to the cupcakes on the counter.

Ugh! What she expected and what she's looking at are opposites in every way. Everything she attempts, riding him, taking him to show-and-tell, dressing him up, falls very short of her dream unicorn.

Only one thing to do! Lucy calls the unicorn man and says,
"Take him back. I don't want him."
But will it end there?

My Thoughts

 What Concerned Me: This is a very small concern, but a concern. The unicorn acts very much like a goat and even resembles one. And at one point some boys peek over a fence and ask what her goat's name is. So is he a goat or just an animal that's pretty far removed from a dream-like unicorn?

What I Liked Most: The illustrations are perfect for this book, and I liked the deeper meaning of the story. Though Sparkle is a flea-ridden goat-type animal, Lucy manages to overlook her preconceived ideas and love her new pet for who he is.


Author/Illustrator: Amy Young
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (July 2016)

Approx. Word Count: 473
Pages: 40


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