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Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel

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#NetGalley #BeauchampHall  Available November 20, 2018

Winnie gives up her dreams of college to care for her mother, who is ill. When her mother passes away several years later, it feels too late for her to pursue her dreams. She is older, plus she has a boyfriend now. However, she's beginning to think that perhaps her relationship has fallen into a habit, rather than mutual love.

At a Christmas exchange, she gets a DVD set of the series Beauchamp Hall, a period British TV drama set in the 1920s. Her best friend, who happens to have brought the gift, can't wait for Winnie to start watching it. Since the business where Winnie works is closed for Christmas break, and her boyfriend is gone for several days, she crawls into bed and begins binge-watching the DVDs. She falls in love with the show and begins to realize that her boyfriend is far from the gentleman she would prefer. 

After Christmas Winnie is passed over for a promotion and shortly after that she finds her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. She realizes there is nothing holding her to that town now and decides it's time to take a big leap. Why not go to England and take a trip to the famous Beauchamp Hall, where her new favorite series is filmed? Without waiting for fear to talk her out of it, she makes plans and quickly leaves.

After arriving, she rents a room near Beauchamp Hall, where she begins meeting some of the people around town and watching the outdoor filming of the show. Eventually, she gets to be in the show as an extra. Her organizational skills come in handy as she slowly gets to know people on the set and is elevated up the ranks.

My Thoughts

My Concerns: While it's obvious that everyone has their own preferences, I felt like about two-thirds of the story was telling. That part kept me from really empathizing or bonding with the characters.
What I Liked Most: Sometimes it's fun to curl up with an adult fairy tale story. And that's exactly what I'd call this book. Though it's predictable, we all like to dream from time to time.

Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Delacorte Press (November 2018)
Pages: 288

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