Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bone Soup: A Spooky, Tasty Tale by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

- The Familiar Stone Soup Gets A Halloween Twist -

Halloween morning, three witches find themselves very hungry with nothing in the cupboards.
"'Bare,' said Naggy Witch.
'Empty,' said Craggy Witch.
'Only a small, dry bone,' said Scraggy Witch. 'Only a bone.'"
But Naggy Witch has a plan. Bone soup will be a great Halloween treat. So the three hungry witches carry their cauldron with the bone door to door. A very scary looking monster opens the first door.
"'Trick-or-treat! Trick-or-treat! We've something unusually good to eat. It's bone soup, soup, from a bone,' said Naggy Witch."
But the scary monster won't be tricked so easily. He tells them to skedaddle. The idea of bone soup is impossible. However, Naggy Witch is persistent. She lets him know it is not a trick, and that all they need is a little water.

The witches continue collecting ingredients as they go from door to door. But it seems each monster, ghost, werewolf, etc. that contributes something to the pot is also hungry. As the long line of contributors follow the cauldron-carrying witches their patience grows thin. They are all getting hungrier and hungrier.
"'I won't hang around much longer,' sneered the bat.
 'Let's wrap this up now,' mumbled the mummy.
'Don't rattle me further,' clattered the skeleton."
But will the scary group following the witches ever get to taste bone soup?


The last page has a recipe for Naggy Witch's Bone Soup. It lists the various things that the witches collected, then in parenthesis what needs to actually be used. Example: Eye of a giant (1 onion, chopped).

Under the recipe is a note from the author regarding Stone Soup and Bone Soup. Stone Soup is an old folktale that has been told multiple times all around the world. Here is an excerpt from the notes:
"Stone Soup is a tale of making something from nothing. The best stone soup is made when characters work together, pool their resources, and contribute whatever they can to share with others."

My Thoughts 

What Concerned Me:  Nothing

What I Liked Most: This is a fun twist on an old story. The wordplay should be fun for both young and old, as well as the recipe in the back of the book. This story and soup recipe offer a good opportunity to bond with little ones!
Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Illustrator: Tom Knight 
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (July 2018)

Approx. Word Count: 793
Ages: 4 - 8
Pages: 32

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