Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bug in a Vacuum by Melanie Watt

- Oops! Where Did That Vacuum Come From?-

 When a dachshund notices a fly enter the house he picks up his toy dog and follows the insect through each room. The googly-eyed bug flitters around the house until he lights on top of the world, literally. As he sits on top of a globe, he manages to get sucked into the dark interior of a vacuum cleaner along with the dog's toy.  

He looks around to find himself imprisoned with bits of this and that: toothpicks, playing cards, bottle caps, etc. There, he manages to go through the five stages of grief: denial, bargaining, anger, despair, and finally acceptance. Denial: 
“Doesn’t get much cozier than this . . . Can’t wait to tell my friends about this place!” 
 The next stage is bargaining. 
“Dear Vacuum, If you set me free, I promise to avoid my favorite hangouts: Windowsills, Picnics, Porta-potties”
Vintage advertisements introduce each chapter. For instance, Despair shows a book with that title. The subtitle is “An Unfair Tale with an Unhappy Ending.” Then at the bottom of the book cover, “Based on a truly SAD story.”

Watt's retro illustrations show Formica kitchen tables, shag carpeting, a hula-dancer lamp, and of course the vacuum is vintage. The illustrations are quite fun.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: Though this book is more than double the length of a typical picture book, it has very few words. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and fun, and the five stages make this an educational book as well as entertaining.

For those who might be worried a bit about the ending, don't! Everything works out just fine.
I highly recommend this book, though I think it's better suited for older children . . . and of course adults! There are a few puns that kids could miss and, I have to say it again, the illustrations have so many details that this book will need to be read multiple times to see everything.


Author/Illustrator: Melanie Watt
Publisher: Tundra Books (August 2015)
The Illustrations really worked for me!
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