Sunday, October 14, 2018

Did You Eat The Parakeet? by Mark Iacolina

- One Green Parakeet Seems To Be Missing! -

In the first illustration, we see a girl wearing a yellow polka dot dress with a small animal in her pocket. She is standing with her back to a birdcage where a green parakeet is circling around and finally finding a landing place. When the girl turns back around she finds an empty cage. Who better to blame than the cat?
"Did you cat the parakeet? / He was right there on his tiny seat!"
The reader now sees that the bird has come out of his hiding place and is perched on the girl's head. The cat is perplexed since he can see the bird but continues to get blamed.
"Did you eat the parakeet? /  Did he become a tasty treat?"
The girl doesn't give up on her incriminating questions. And by the illustrations, we can see that the parakeet is fairly pleased over the fact that the cat is getting scolded.

In time, the cat figures out a way to solve his problem. We see him leading her to a full-length mirror.

Now what?

This fun book has rhyming text and stick-figure-type illustrations. The text is simple and large enough for early readers to sound out most of the words.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Best: The story and illustrations are perfect for young children. They will see the humor of what the girl isn't aware of, and it will make kids even more mindful of checking expressions and gestures of the characters. 

I liked the simplicity and cute ending of the story, as well.

Author/Illustrator: Mark Iacolina
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux ((July 2018)

Approx. Word Count: 151
Pages: 40

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