Friday, October 26, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, Tiny! by Cari Meister

Tiny (who really isn't that tiny) Can't Find A Part in the Thanksgiving Play

Eliot and Tiny notice a sign in a window announcing tryouts for a Thanksgiving play. Eliot is overjoyed to get a part as an ear of corn. But no matter how hard Tiny tries, there seems to be no place for him, so he's forced to wait outside. 

The day of the play, however, not everything goes as planned. Will there end up being a part for Tiny after all?

"With easy-to-read vocabulary, frequent repetition, and informative illustrations, this is a charming friendship story that beginning readers will be proud to read all by themselves."(from book cover)

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Though it is a cute book, there was nothing to make it stand out from other early readers.

What I Liked Most: The colorful illustrations and size of the print are just right for a young reader.

Author: Cari Meister
Illustrations: Rich Davis
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers (August 2018)

Penguin Young Readers: Level 1 (Emergent Reader)
Ages: 5 - 6
Pages: 32


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