Thursday, October 18, 2018

Inky's Great Escape: The Incredible (and Mostly True) Story of an Octopus Escape by Casey Lyall

 - Who Is Inky? -

Inky loves playing hide-and-seek with his tank-mate Blotchy. He also loves telling Blotchy about all his escapes and escapades in the ocean. But there's one thing he might love even more, and that's escaping from almost anything. 

Blotchy is happy to listen to his friend's stories, but wonders if Inky might be relying quite a bit on imagination, so he challenges Inky to break out of their tank. Inky replies,
“I’ll go one better and escape from this whole aquarium!”
Blotchy laughs. So Inky draws up his plan for escape. But will all the plans in the world help him escape from a tank and aquarium?

This story is very loosely based on an incident that happened in a New Zealand aquarium. 

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: I wish it had been a bit more of a true story. 

What I Liked Best:  The illustrations are bright and work beautifully with the text. This is a story that should delight all kids, but especially inquisitive ones.

Author: Casey Lyall
Illustrator:  Sebastia Serra
Published by: Sterling Children’s Books, 2017

Approx Words:
Ages: 5 and up
Pages: 32

The Real Inky and Blotchy according to the NY Times.


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