Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ira Crumb Feels The Feelings by Naseem Harad

Is It Okay To Feel Feelings?

#NetGalley #OwlKidsBooks Available October 15, 2018

Ira and Malcolm are good friends who each want to play a different game during recess. Malcolm wants to play tag while Ira wants to play hide-and-seek. Malcolm shouts
Ira appears a bit clueless.
Malcolm quickly declares that he will hide. Many of their friends heard the word tag and race over to join him. They shout:
"Did Malcolm say "tag"? Malcolm is the best!"
"I heard Malcolm invented tag!"
"Malcolm for president!"

Ira thinks it's just a game of tag. When they race off to play, Malcolm quickly turns and asks if Ira wants to come, then just as quickly accepts the fact that Ira isn't interested in joining them.

Ira is left all alone feeling lost and lonely. His chin is quivering and his eyes leaky. There is no other word. He is really SAD! As well as feeling sorry for himself. Others attempt to cheer him up but he seems to want to feel his feelings.

In time, Malcolm misses his friend and returns. 

When Malcolm asks why his friend is sad, will he end up "jumping through hoops" to put a smile on his friend's face?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: I wasn't a fan of the illustrations.

In all honesty, I had a terrible time loading the complete story on either of my devices, so I had to look at other reviews to hear the last of the story. If what I'm reading is correct, and I have no reason to think otherwise, I'm not a fan or "fart" jokes in any way or fashion, which are in the book.

What I Liked Best: I was a fan of most of the story.

Lately, we see way too much in the way of saving kids (no matter what age) from feeling anything that resembles sad or upsetting. I think common sense, not necessarily a degree in psychology, says that holding emotions inside can easily have consequences. Does it necessarily feel good to be sad? Nope. But without emotions, it can be pretty difficult to empathize with anyone or grow as individuals.

I  recommend sharing this book one-on-one or with a classroom. Were Ira and Malcolm correct in how they reacted?

Author Naseem Harad
Illustrator: Josh Holinaty
Publisher: Owlkids (October 2018)

Ages: 5 - 8
Pages: 32

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