Thursday, October 4, 2018

Little Darlings by Melanie Golding


#NetGalley #LittleDarlingsBook    Available May 10th 2019

When Lauren reports having a visit in the night from a sinister looking character who is carrying a basket of twins that she plans to replace Lauren's twins with, the story is dismissed as ludicrous. Hospital staff, as well as her husband, think Lauren is just hormonal and exhausted after giving birth to twins. 
Since the police can find nothing proving that this new Mama had any visitors, Lauren agrees that she is exhausted and maybe it didn't really happen. However, in her heart, she can't rule out that the visit in the night certainly felt like it occurred.

The only person who somewhat believes Lauren is the investigator, but her ranking officers want the investigation to stop. This part is a driving force in causing the reader to continue flipping pages.
Upon getting home from the hospital she is faced with a husband who needs his sleep so that he can work and support the family. He moves to another bedroom so the feeding of the twins all night won't disturb him. But because of Lauren's fear that the experience in the hospital was real, she locks up the house and only gets to sleep in bits and segments. She doesn't feel she can let the twins out of her sight.

In time, Lauren's friends visit her at her home and bring gifts for the new babies, but one gift is most unusual. One that is somewhat disturbing.

At her friends' urging, Lauren finally chances going out and meeting them in a park. She vows to keep a good eye on her identical twin boys. But will she be able to?

This story is framed in dark history and folklore.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: This story is a bit dark and foreboding. I'm not sure how I would have wanted it to end, but it didn't feel totally satisfying to me.

What I Liked Most: This is a book that was hard to put down. The writing was excellent and flowed beautifully. Was it kind of creepy? Sure. When I read the tag: Horror, along with Mystery, and Thriller, I wondered how I'd missed that important word, since horror is the last type of book I'd choose to read. (But maybe I'm confusing that genre with horror movies that I see advertised. Anyway, nothing gory, and nobody carrying a chainsaw! To my great relief! Teehee.)

I'd rate the writing and interest level a 5. The ending felt like a 3 or 4. 

Author: Melanie Golding
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Pages: Hardcover 304

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