Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Little Learning Labs: Astronomy For Kids by Michelle Nichols

26 Family-Friendly Activities About

Stars, Planets, And Observing The World Around You
Activities for STEAM Learners

You will find some great information and experiments for classrooms or home use in this easy-to-understand book. The experiments don't call for unusual items, but rather things that are normally found in most homes. 

The first part of the book encourages children to keep a science journal of the experiments they perform. A sample format of a journal is given with explanations of what might be included in each section. As an example, here is one portion, My Reflections
"My Reflections: your feelings about how you think the lab went, what you think the lab results mean, and any answers to your questions you have found."

Below is a list of the Units. 

Unit 1 Observing (9 labs)
Unit 2 Scoping Out the Science (5 labs)
Unit 3 Exploring Our Solar System (6 labs)
Unit 4 Seeing Stars (6 labs)

Each lab is extremely easy to understand and the format is very straightforward. The lab includes time, materials, safety tips, setup hints, and instructions with numbered steps. 

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: The format of the book makes it very appealing as well as the fact that most labs can be done with household items. I see this book as providing hours of learning and fun.

Author: Michelle Nichols
Quarry Books (October 2018)

Ages: 8 - 11
Grades: 1 - 5
Pages: 80 (paperback)
Illustrations: 100 color 

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