Sunday, October 21, 2018

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley

- Will Anything Help Little Penguin? -

Little Penguin immediately addresses the reader with,
"Oh, hello. It’s so nice to HIC! meet you. Franklin said you would be here soon.” 
At this point, the reader has no idea who Franklin is. Little Penguin shares that ever since he had chili he’s had the hiccups. He demonstrates the things he’s tried to do to get rid of them, but nothing has worked. He then says,
“But Franklin Hic! Has given me a new idea, and I need your help.” 
The reader is encouraged to scare the penguin by yelling
 Little Penguin keeps asking the reader to scare him since it’s not working.

Will anything help him get rid of the hiccups?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: The story and illustrations aren’t extremely original.

What I Liked Most: Very young children will probably love the interaction.

Author/Illustrator: Tadgh Bentley
Published by: Balzer & Bray, 2015
  • Approx Words: 291
  • Ages: 4 - 8
  • Pages: 40

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