Wednesday, October 10, 2018

NORMAN The Slug With The Silly Shell by Sue Hendra

- Some Would Call That Shell YUMMY! -

Norman, a bright orange slug, watches the beautifully colored snails form a pyramid. Eager to join in he causes the pyramid to crash when he tries to find his place.

“Norman, you silly slug!” they cried. “You’ve spoiled our fun. This only works if you’ve got a shell.”

Norman sulks off until an idea comes to him: Why not make a shell? The double-page spread is very cute as it illustrates him trying out several ideas for shells: a ball, too bouncy; an apple, already taken (a worm is sticking its head out); a clock, too noisy! But Norman does find just the right shell: a pink, iced donut with sprinkles!

The formerly unhappy yellow slug is pleased to fit right in with the group until a most unfortunate thing happens. A bright red bird swoops down and carries Norman up, up, and away. The donut-shell has attracted the bird.

Can Norman's quick-thinking take care of this high-flying problem?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: This is a somewhat quirky book that changes course and ends rather abruptly. You will either like it or shake your head.

What I Liked Most: I liked that Norman didn't allow himself to become a victim for very long; he was creative and accepting of his situation(s). Norman also took delight in new challenges and adventures.

The book cover should attract both kids and adults. (When doesn't a donut shout out your name?)

Author-Illustrator: Sue Hendra
Five Fun Facts About Sue Hendra
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Aladdin (December 2017)

    • Approx. Words: 274
    • Ages: 4 - 8
    • Pages: 32

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