Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Say Zoop! by Hervé Tullet

 A Special Book Of Dots

A blue dot starts out the story asking the reader to touch it and say OH! 
"Now put your finger on the little dot and say a little oh! Then put your finger on the big dot and say A HUGE OH!"
Each action is met with praise. And each action tends to get slightly more involved and difficult.

In time a red dot is introduced. A friend. When the reader touches this dot the word AH is to be said.  As the two dots talk, the reader is to touch blue and say OH, then touch red and say AH.

Eventually, a yellow dot enters the scene. When touching this dot the reader is to say WAAHOO! The three bounce, sing, act like cars, and more.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: The idea is sure to please lots of little tykes, but the sheer length of the book couldn't hold my attention, so I have to wonder how many children will be able to listen to the whole book. Most picture books are closer to 32 pages. This is a very long 64 pages. 

What I Liked Most: I really liked the concept, which felt very original and fun for kids. The author invites them to carry out several tasks, such as whisper, shout, move a finger along a line of dots, make different sounds for three different dots, and more. 
Author: Hervé Tullet
Translated by Christopher Franceschelli 
Publisher: Chronicle Books (August 2017) 
Originally published in France

Ages: 5 - 6
Pages: 64

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