Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Kiddie Table by Colleen Madden

 - What Do You Do If You're Too Old For the Kiddie Table? -

Like many families, special meals call for two tables. In this story, we have one very unhappy 8-year-old girl who gets seated at the kiddie table with toddlers and two kids in high chairs. She sits there getting more unhappy by the minute as she examines her bowl and spoon and a cup with a lid.
 “Why am I stuck with this pacifier crowd?” 
she wonders as the kid's plop food on the table and her. The more she comes up with reasons not to be at the kiddie table the worse she feels.  And there is no place at the adult table for her.

Finally, she screams,
“This is the WORST Thanksgiving I’ve ever had in my entire life! I DESERVE A SPOT AT THE ADULT TABLE!”
 The adults look on in shock.   * Spoiler Alert *    According to the story, her mom knows exactly what to say. She tells her daughter that she knows it's tough being an in-between age, but next time it would be better not to yell and make such a fuss. The daughter is instructed to clean up (since food has been thrown at her by the little ones) and calm down, then there will be a place for her at the dining room table.

At the adult table, she is well-behaved and happy as she enjoys using special bowls from France. After the meal, the girl kisses her mom and dad and helps wash dishes and tell the guest’s goodbye.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: While I don’t often include Spoiler Alerts, I felt like I had to in order for this part to make sense. Several things didn’t work for me. A) The two extremes of this 8-year-old getting a bowl and a sippy cup, and then special bowls from France. B) It appears this meal was served at the girl’s house, so why wouldn't her family realize their daughter no longer uses a bowl, spoon and sippy cup? C) It concerns me that a tantrum by a supposedly 'tween girl who wants to be moved to the adult table brings the desired effect: a place at the table.

What I Liked Most: The idea of Kid and Adult tables will be enjoyed by some.

Author / Illustrator: Colleen Madden
Published by Capstone, August 2018

  • Ages: 6 - 8
  • Pages: 32

Until Oct 31st, 2018

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