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The Military Wife: Heart Of A Hero by Laura Trentham

A Captivating Book That's Hard To Put Down

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Harper Wilcox is a young woman who ignored her own career to follow her new husband, Noah, a Navy SEAL, to a military base. She finds herself missing not only her husband when he is away but also something to keep her occupied. 

When she discovers she is pregnant both Harper and Noah are thrilled. Unfortunately, before she has the baby she finds herself a widow.

Five years later we find Harper and her son, Ben, living near the base with her mother. She is afraid of moving too far away for fear of leaving the memory of her husband behind.

When Harper realizes that her best friend, Allison, is struggling with problems she returns to the base to see if she can help. Allison's husband, a former SEAL who served with Noah is struggling with PTSD, which of course is affecting the whole family.

As Harper strives to help Allison, she has an idea that might also help other military wives: opening a coffee house. After all, she was awarded quite a bit of money when Noah died and this might be exactly what she needs as well as some of the other wives. A deeper purpose in life. 
But when she discovers that the money given to her was not from an award but really from a Navy Seal who served with Noah, she's determined to give it back. In the process, she wants to also find out more information about Noah's death. 
The book alternates between past and present, but it doesn't disrupt the story or distract in any way.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This is far more than a romance with no depth. It is a well-written book that deals with concerns that military wives can have, the camaraderie of those serving as well as their wives, the aftermath of war, and much more. The characters are developed and very believable. 

As I began reading this book, the story caught my interest almost immediately. To me, that's an important sign of a good book. (I'm not one to keep reading if nothing is causing me to want to turn pages.)

My first book by this author, but not the last. I highly recommend it!

Author: Laura Trentham
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (February 2019)

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