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The TEACHER'S PET by Anica Mrose Rissi

- Bet You Can't Guess What The New Pet Is! -

Mr. Stricter, the class teacher, shares with his students that he has always wanted a pet. So as the tadpoles in the classroom grow and are ready to be released into the wild, he tells the class they can keep one tadpole. They choose Bruno, which doesn’t really have the same shape as the other tadpoles.

Bruno was the last “frog” to hatch and smaller than the others. The students bring bugs and worms to feed him, but he prefers eating markers, scissors, and classroom books. Mr. Stricter is excited about how fast the new pet is growing, but he grows and Grows and GROWS!

The kids begin to see that Bruno is going to be trouble. Lots of trouble. He roars, smashes and thumps!

The class decides to find a way to convince Mr. Stricter that the new pet has no place in their classroom.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me:  * Spoiler Alert * Though I love the title of the book, and I know the book is meant to be silly, I had some concerns. I understand the irony that the tadpole turns into a hippo, not a frog, but I’m a bit lost that the teacher who is doing a science project doesn’t have a clue. Also, I’m not a fan of books that rely on the fart and snot humor. Kids may laugh at it, but I'm not promoting it.

Perhaps I watch too many commercials on TV that show kids educating adults on what car or insurance, etc to buy. In this case, it takes the kids to point out to the teacher that the huge hippo is tearing up the classroom. Toward the end of the book, we see Mr. Stricter catch a butterfly and wonder if that would make a good pet. But the kids direct him to the pet store to get a hamster. Even the life cycle on the end covers seem misleading and a bit odd.

Sure, as some reviewers say, this book empowers the kids. But I say it certainly makes the adult look like . . . well, less than bright!

What I Liked Most:  Some may enjoy the teacher’s retro look: pencil over an ear, high-top sneakers, bow tie, and cardigan sweater.
Author: Anica Mrose Rissi
Illustrated by: Zachariah Ohora
Published by Disney-Hyperion, 2017
  • Approx Words: 484
  • Ages: 3 - 5
  • Pages: 40

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