Monday, October 22, 2018

The Three Little Pigs And The Somewhat Bad Wolf by Mark Teague

- Classic Fairy Tale Gets A Twist -

When the farmer informs his pigs that he and his wife will be moving to Florida, he pays the pigs for their good work and sends them on their way. Two of the pigs love junk food and want to purchase potato chips and “sody-pop” with their money. But the third pig decides to buy building supplies for a house.

The first two pigs reluctantly listen to the third pig and decide to buy building supplies also, but cheap ones, so they will still have money left for junk food. One buys straw and the other sticks. The third pig chooses brick, so she purchases mortar as well.

Soon the straw house is finished and that pig rocks in a hammock and eats potato chips. Soon the stick house is finished and that pig takes a mud bath and drinks sody-pop. But the third house is taking lots of time, so the first two pigs come by and watch her build her brick house.

In time, the third pig has a beautiful house with a colorful vegetable garden out front. But as you might guess, shortly after the houses are finished a new guy shows up in town: a very hungry and somewhat bad wolf!

But will this story end like the original story?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most:  This is a fun book with detailed, brightly colored illustrations. Kids will love this fractured fairy tale with a happy ending.


Author/Illustrator: Mark Teague
Published by: Orchard Books, 2013
Illustrations: The illustrations are oil paintings.

Approx Words:
Ages: 3 - 7
Pages: 40

Teaching Activities related to the story

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