Thursday, October 18, 2018

When Sophie Thinks She Can't . . . by Molly Bang

- Sophie Needs A New Mindset! -

Sophie is at the table trying to place various puzzle pieces into a square. When her older sister comes by, she moves the pieces quickly into place and says,
“Too bad you’re not smart,” 
and then walks away. Sophie’s self-confidence plummets quickly and she begins to think she can’t do anything.

The lesson at school the next day is about the word smart. Just the word she doesn’t want to talk about. But the teacher explains that becoming smart takes exercise. She wants them to exercise their brains with a math puzzle using squares and rectangles.

Oh, no! Sophie doesn’t want anything to do with dreaded puzzles. She feels she’s good at soccer and working hard in the garden, but NOT PUZZLES!

When the class has trouble working the puzzle Ms. Mulry, the teacher, introduces them to another word that might help: Yet.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: The stereotype of having an older sibling come by when Sophie is having trouble working the puzzle, insult her, work the puzzle quickly, then walk away, was almost enough to cause me to close the book. I felt that part wasn't necessary at all to the story.

Sophie could have had trouble with the puzzle and labeled herself as a failure at puzzles and math, without the rudeness of a family member. That was very disappointing.

What I Liked Most: Though the book felt a bit like a forced lesson, it had an extremely good point about continuing to work on something and not giving up too quickly.

Author/Illustrator: Molly Bang
Published by: The Blue Sky Press, 2018
3 Stars
  • Approx. Words: 584
  • Ages: open
  • Pages: 40

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