Friday, November 2, 2018

Ada Lovelace (Little People, BIG DREAMS series) by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

- Any Idea Who This Lady Is And Why She Is Important? -

This is a very simplified story in the Little People, Big Dreams series about Ada Lovelace. It has very limited facts, but enough to give information without overwhelming the child who might be new to non-fiction.

We learn several bits of information about this special girl and lady. We learn that her parents were a bit different but that Ada found ways to exercise the things she loved: logic and imagination. She was taught math and logic, which was unusual at that times for girls. We learn that inventor, Charles Babbage,  was instrumental in Ada's development of the first computer programming code.

At the back of the book, there is more information about Ada Lovelace for adults to read.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: The illustrations weren't all that impressive.


What I Liked Best:  I like that the book didn’t bog down the story with too many facts. And hopefully, the older child might want to do a little research to learn more about Ada Lovelace.

Author:   Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Illustrator:  Zafouko Yamamoto
Publisher:  Frances Lincoln Children’s Books,  (March 2018)

    • Approx Words: 276
    • Pages: 32
Illustrations: The illustrations were created in watercolor, then edited digitally.


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