Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bear and Duck by Katy Hudson

- What's Up, Bear? -

Bear doesn’t like sleeping all winter, his fur is too hot in the summer, and he’s sick of angry bees. In other words, he’s sick and tired of being a bear! As he sits under a tree he hears a happy noise.

Quietly he slips in line behind a mother duck and her babies. As he tries to imitate their every move he convinces himself that being a duck will work just fine for him. Luckily, no one notices the large, furry body that has stepped in line. . .
“Until Bear let out a too-loud and happy . . . QUACK!"
Bear begs Duck to teach him how to be a duck. So she pulls out the trusty red book How to Be the Perfect DUCK and proceeds to give him step by step instructions. She attempts to teach him nest-building, swimming and even flying. But will the humongous, furry bear make the grade?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This is a début author/illustrated book by Katy Hudson. The illustrations are soft and touching yet humorous. The story starts out a bit familiar but soon becomes a story with its own personality and flair. This is a sweet look at friendship and subtle lessons on embracing your own uniqueness. The last page is filled with a touching illustration.

Author / Illustrator: Katy Hudson
Published by: Harper Collins, 2015

  • Approx Words: 472
  • Ages: 4 - 8
  • Pages: 32
Illustrations: The artist used ink and watercolor to create the illustrations for this book.

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