Friday, November 9, 2018

Mouse Loves Fall by Lauren Thompson

Can You Guess Why Mouse and Minka Like Fall?

On a cool fall day Mouse and his sister, Minka, come out to play in the leaves. They see red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. They then name the shapes they see: round, skinny, pointy and smooth leaves. They gather the leaves and run, skip, kick, and swish the leaves. Counting leaves as they stack them, they then leap, jump, plop and roll in the leaves. 

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: First, and most noticeable to me was the very dark artwork. The page examples on the Internet don't seem to convey the same, extremely blah colors. If the pictures would support the text, I would have been much happier.

Secondly, this feels like there is no story and the ending is quite abrupt. I don't think the attempt to use counting, colors, and shapes make up for poor illustrations and text.

What I Liked Most: I guess if counting, colors, and shapes are important to the reader this book does that well.

Author: Lauren Thompson
Illustrator: Buket Erdogan
Publisher: Simon Spotlight, Simon & Schuster (August 2018)
1 STAR - Mail I Hate To Deliver, Story Needs Some First Aid

Ages: 3 - 5
Pages: 32
Level: Pre-Level One

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