Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Naughtiest Reindeer Takes A Bow by Nicki Greenberg

What Is Ruby Reindeer Up To Now?

When Ruby attempts to wake up all the reindeer before Christmas in order to get a head start on delivering gifts, she is met with
"Too early!" they grumped. "Back to bed, right away!"
"Huh! Too early, my antlers! Each year it's the same, We run out of time and then I get the blame! We rush and we muddle. We only just make it!" 
When Ruby can't get any reindeer to join her in delivering the gifts early, she decides to deliver them herself. But, oops, they are so heavy that she falls from the sky right outside George and Amelia's house.
"There's still ONE MORE DAY before Christmas!" they cried. "And someone might see you! Quick, get that inside!"
When George and Amelia's parents nix the reindeer staying at their house, the kids decide to take Ruby to school. As it is, a reindeer is going to work just lovely in the school Christmas play. But minutes before showtime it occurs to Ruby that there is a sleigh full of things that need to be delivered.

Is Ruby going to be able to pull off getting the sleigh back to the North Pole? And what about Santa? Will he find the sleigh missing?

My Thoughts


What Concerned Me: The story didn't feel cohesive and really didn't work for me.

 What I Liked Most: The illustrations are expressive, fun, and colorful. 

Author: Nicki Greenberg
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (August 2018)
Ages: 3 - 6
Pages: 32

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