Friday, January 11, 2019

Boo at the Zoo by Jeffrey Burton

- A Lift-the-Flap Book -

This is a rhyming, interactive book with zoo animals dressing up in costumes. It even includes a bit of a guessing game. All things that should appeal to small children.
"We love to haunt / and float at the zoo.
We disappear at the zoo. / We disappear then pop up and say "Boo!"
The left page shows a flamingo. The right has three flamingos with the words "Guess Boo?" When the page is turned we see flamingos wearing sheets. The text is
On another page, we see a wolf.
"We love howling / a mighty loud tune.
Our tighty-whities show and glow / in the full moon."
Again, on the right page are wolves with the words "Guess Boo?"
When the page is turned there are wolves wearing underwear.
The majority of the book is like the above examples. It pulls together at the end by asking a question about the animals at the zoo and then telling how the animals celebrate Halloween.

My Thoughts

What My Concerns Were: Well, I'm sorry to say that I had several, though I thought it might be a fun book.
  1. Board books are meant to for very young children, this missed the mark.
  2. Guess Boo instead of Guess Who might be easily overlooked but,
  3. What small child is going to understand the play on words? Even as an adult I wasn't too impressed.
  4. The rhyme felt forced and off.
  5. The flaps that lift to show what the animals are dress like is very thin and could easily be torn from the sturdy pages. Plus little fingers would have a hard time grasping and opening the flap. 

What I Liked Most: This is a very creative book with a fun concept; I wish it had been geared up and marketed to an older group.

2 Stars
May need a Fairy Godmother. 

Author: Jeffrey Burton
Illustrator: Emma Trithart
Publisher: Little Simon; Board book edition (July 2018)

Pages: 14

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