Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sweet Taste Of Revenge by Mary Ellis

Two Mysteries Run Simultaneously

#NetGalley #SweetTasteOfRevenge Available February 1, 2019

Kate Weller is a PI who's attempting to rid herself of years of threats by visiting her brother, Liam, who has been in prison for16 years. He became the fall guy after being involved in a robbery that left one person dead. Kate hasn't talked to him since this happened, but she continually has received threats saying that she needs to keep quiet about what she saw. 

Though her brother was not aware that Kate was at the scene of the robbery, she has blocked everything from her memory. However, when her boyfriend's car explodes (he is unharmed) she feels she has to go see her brother and find out what's going on. Fearing for her boyfriend's safety, Kate breaks up with him and heads to Florida to see her brother. Since he cares deeply for Kate, he follows her using the pretense of looking for a restaurant to purchase. Her office assigns her a case to work in Florida so that she can spend some time with her brother and still work.

Kate finds herself in Florida trying to discover who set her brother up, as well as solve the death of a woman who was most likely poisoned on her yacht.  

This is the second book in a series, the first being Hiding in Plain Sight. However, I wasn't aware of that when I read this book, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me:  Unlike some books, I had no trouble finishing this, but I did feel that it jumped from here to there without fully fleshing out the story.  The reader is supposed to feel that Kate is a trained PI, yet she flits around being impulsive without any concern that she might be on someone's radar. 

While the reader is supposed to be concerned for her safety because of the boyfriend's car exploding and her threatening phone calls, basically nothing happens to cause concern in Florida. Yet her friends are extremely concerned for her safety. 

I think it might have been better to stick to one mystery and make it a little more complete.

What I Liked Most: While the story itself felt like it could have been improved, it wasn't hard to continue reading. The sentence structure and writing were very good.

Author: Mary Ellis
Publisher: Severn House Publishers (February 2019) 

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