- We're All Ready For Our Bedtime Story -

 - Do You Ever Outgrow Your Love For Picture Books? -

At a very early age, my parents would read to me at bedtime. Then in elementary school, I tagged along with my dad every time he went to the library. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and a few picture books usually found their way into my checkout bag.

Not too much has changed over the years. I still love mysteries and picture books but I don't tag along with my dad anymore. We do, however, share discussions about ebooks that we are currently reading.

Because my married name is so common, I have always included my maiden name: Shakespeare. And, yes, my ancestors came from England, a place I would love to visit someday.

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  - Meet The Family -

My wonderful husband, Larry, who has always been very supportive of my reading, writing, 
 and . . . arithmetic??  Oops! Not so much. I'm pretty sure all my math teachers spoke a foreign language. 

That's why it was imperative that I marry a cute guy with a physics and math degree!

And Of Course . . .
Our Sweet Bichon Frise, Bentley

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